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WVSport Safety Work Boots S3 SRC

WVSport Safety Work Boots S3 SRC

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Our notes

This is probably the most requested and longest anticipated WVS release.


WVSport Safety Work Boots.

Manufactured to European S3 (S3 HRO HI CI WR SRC UNI EN ISO 20345:2012) standard these are certified safety PPE work wear.

*these boots do not comply with ASTM and cannot be worn in the USA as safety PPE work wear*

  • Protective composite toe cap (200 J)
  • Puncture resistant outsole
  • Waterproof construction 
  • Antistatic properties
  • Energy absorption in heel area
  • Slip resistance on standard ceramic floor with lubricant water and detergent
  • Slip resistance on steel floor with glycerine lubricant
  • Outsoles resistant to hydrocarbons
  • Outsoles resistant to heat contact
  • Insulated against heat
  • Insulating against cold
  • Size EU42 weighs 1.6kg (for the pair)

These boots demonstrate that high quality PPE footwear can be vegan.

Ethically made in Italy to the highest standards.

The Vibram injection outsoles have been designed with areas for grip, traction, braking and stability. 

The outsoles have been ballistic welded onto the uppers, so they will not part easily. 

The uppers have been created with abrasion and scuff resistant Lyliane 3DMX and Cordura materials, so you can take these off-road and not worry about what happens on the way. 

You can wear these all day and walk for long distances in comfort, walking on the removable cushioned anatomic insoles, your feet and ankles are supported with padding on the tongue and around the collar. 

These are lab tested waterproof, with waterproof seams, a sealed tongue and a special breathable waterproof membrane that does not allow water penetration. Put on and take off easily with the finger tab, using the high-grade laces threaded through lace hooks that are long lasting and allow smooth lace sliding. 

WVSport models are designed and produced in the foothills of the Dolomite Hills, Italy.

Each model is created using CAD design technology that simulates the different phases of the walking experience.

Advanced components and construction methods are used to create the models like the use of Vibram soles and a patented Support System which means the fit is always comfortable and secure.

Development samples are lab tested for days for their abrasion resistance, durability and water resistance. New models can take months sometimes years to develop.

The factory features one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Italy which means that 70% of the power used to produce WVSport footwear is from solar.

As well as working under EU employment, discrimination and health & safety law the factory has their own Charter of Human Responsibilities (or Code of Ethics) which helps ensure the company is committed to respecting the rights, work and dignity of its employees.

For sourcing the materials to create each model we work with the factory using a traceability system that enables us to trace back every step in the production process so we always know what has been used and where it has come from.

Manufactured to European S3 (S3 HRO HI CI WR SRC UNI EN ISO 20345:2012) standard these are certified safety PPE work wear

*these boots do not comply with ASTM and cannot be worn in the USA as safety PPE work wear*

Protective composite toe cap, puncture resistant outsole, waterproof construction, non slip Vibram outsoles

Wear these all day and walk for long distances in comfort

Ethically made in Italy to the highest standards

    Ethics & Sustainability

    This product is certified carbon-neutral

    It's delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

    You can return it free of charge for 365 days with our paperless carbon-neutral returns service

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    Always and forever vegan

    Made in Italy

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Gordon J. (United States)

    Great boots. A little hot for the work I do in a fry room. They also are not well cushioned. But they don't wear easy. Thanks a bunch

    Steve (United States)
    Perfect for fast on and off

    The way these boots lace up and open at the top, they can be put on and taken off as easily as if they had a side zipper. I feel well-protected working in the yard, cutting down trees, etc.

    Steven C. (United States)
    Great work boots

    I've tried other boots for work but they usually don't hold up past 6 months since my work can be pretty harsh on them. I can wear these boots daily and they hold up well. I look forward to seeing how long these boots will ultimately last.

    Simon B.
    Easily The Best Boots I Have Ever Owned

    Date of purchase: August 6, 2022.
    Date of review: February 15th, 2024.

    Firstly I wanted to put these boots through their paces (pun intended) before writing a review, hence my delay to ensure my review was accurate for long-term use, as prior to purchasing these boots I had researched and purchased a few different vegan pairs from other brands at lower prices, which had positive reviews. They lasted between 3 to 5 months and were not waterproof as advertised.

    I work for a charity, outdoors in all weathers; dry, hot, cold, freezing, damp, rainy, muddy etc. I work in a woodland with participants of varying ages and abilities, doing all sorts of activities, from playing games and jumping in puddles to woodwork and coppicing.
    I walk through long, wet grasses, on hard dirt ground, deep mud, puddles of varying depths, over logs, up and down ditches, getting caught on brambles, pulling heavy carts (requiring good grip and bending of the boots), running, jumping, and more. My pair of boots have been through it all, including being close to the heat of a campfire. Hot, cold, dry, wet weather, smooth, bumpy, level, steep ground, they have survived it all and continue to do so as when they were newly purchased. I can attest that they are truly waterproof (not resistant) over lengthy periods of time. I have had to submerge my feet in deep puddles on many occasions, covering the boots, and my feet and socks have always remained dry.

    These boots are by far the very best I have ever had, including non-vegan boots from years past. So much so that I am saving up to purchase a second pair to have whilst continuing to use my current pair. I recommend these to my colleagues and now also to those here, who may be considering a purchase.

    'Ten out of five stars'


    I haven't had them for that long, but I love the fit and the material. I am looking for more things to order from their store.