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Kulae Zuska Yoga Towel Desert Sage

Kulae Zuska Yoga Towel Desert Sage

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Our notes

The Sanskrit translation for Zuska is DRY. Our premium yoga towel provides superior grip + traction, ensuring proper positioning on your mat without slippage. It’s made of resilient, non-fading, super-absorbent microfiber with the highest quality knitting structure available. The hand feel is amazing and the absorption superior to anything else available.  The premium Zuska yoga towel is latex-free + silicone-free (no ‘nubs’ needed), 100% recyclable + completely machine washable. The Zuska can be used for several activities outside of yoga and is also reversible.  Try the luxurious Zuska yoga towel today and you will never buy another yoga towel!

Highest quality knitting, extra support,100% recyclable, silicone-free and latex-free, ultra-absorbent, machine washable. Rolled dimensions: 13"x4"x4". Unrolled dimensions: 72"x24".

Made in Taiwan

About the brand

KULAE (Pronunciation: COOL-eye)

What it means: the name Kulae was derived from the Sanskrit word kula, which means “community.” Adding the letter “e” to the end of a word in Sanskrit pluralizes it, so we turned “community” into “communities!”

We chose the name “Kulae” with our mission and mantra in mind: we want to help bring communities together through yoga and good karma, helping to maintain healthy people on a healthy planet.


We believe that karma is real and wish to build a more positive world where yoga can truly be for everyone without taxing our planet. Kulae subscribes to the tenets of kula (community), yoga (to unite), and karma (the net balance of a person’s actions) and sees these elements as the path to a more peaceful, caring, healthy world. We warmly invite you to join Kulae in uniting our collective communities in good karma with the beautiful and constructive practice of yoga.


This planet is the only one we’ve got. We’re deeply committed to protecting our Mother Earth and keeping her in the best condition possible for future generations.


We are all bettered by the betterment of each individual. We are devoted to treating the people we encounter with kindness, respect, and open-mindedness.


Practicing good karma is a form of mindfulness of our actions towards others. It is imperative to us to remain mindful, and create our good karma in ways that really count.


Ethics & Sustainability

Delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

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