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JUNKO Zoomer! Kit

JUNKO Zoomer! Kit

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Our notes

One of only 10 toys in the UK to be awarded a 2021 Made for Mums - Editor's Choice Award.

Winner of 2 x European Product Design Awards for Education Toy and Construction Toy.

DESIGN & BUILD A CAR, A JEEP, A DINOSAUR... and then have fun zooming them around! This innovative building kit works with any junk - cardboard boxes, bottles, cartons whatever!

KIDS LOVE CREATING THEIR OWN TOYS - and it's better for their development & the planet than just buying new ones! Our reusable magnetic connectors help connect plastic pots, cards, and even those popular danish building bricks... and they save on the single-use plastics found in sticky tape or glue.

FEATURE PACKED FOR DAYS OF IMAGINATIVE FUN - Powerful Pull-Back & Let-Go rubber-band drive - Glow in the dark wheels - Extendable wheel-frame... AND... a planet-saving comic adventure with our eco-warrior kids, the J-HEROES.

STEM / STEAM EDUCATIONAL TOY which is challenging (in a good way!) Develops kids creativity, construction, problem-solving, and motor skills and teaches foundation science and mechanics. Perfect for creative boys and girls, age 6-11.

GENUINELY ECO-FRIENDLY TOY - made from recycled plastic and teaches kids environmental awareness. Plastic-free packaging - comes in super-cool, reusable card tubes.

  • 12x12x35.7
  • 769g
  • recycled plastic
  • cardboard packaging
  • Made in the United Kingdom

About the brand

We’re a UK family business trying to show big manufacturers that awesome toys can be made sustainably....

Our family all really, really love making things. We invented JUNKO to help kids (and grown-ups!) upcycle their home’s recycling into toys. Hopefully, you’ll agree that there’s no need to buy new toys all the time - it’s way more satisfying and good for our brains to learn to make things ourselves and of course it’s much more eco-friendly too :) Just like you, we care about the planet, so JUNKO is made from recycled plastic - that way we use less of the earth’s precious natural resources. If we don’t use up old plastic (there’s more of it than you can imagine) it gets buried, burned or finds its way into the sea - each has an environmental cost.


Ethics & Sustainability

Delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

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